Create/Edit App Policy

Use the Create/Edit App Policy dialog box to:
Depending on the app policy's platform, this dialog box contains two or three tabs:
  • General
  • Apps
  • Settings - for the Apple platform only


App Policy Name Enter or edit the policy name.
Description Enter or edit a brief app description.
Policy details Read-only values for policy's Status, Family, Type, and Apps (the number of).


Add (+) Click to display an platform-specific Select Apps dialog box (see Select Apps).
A list of apps included in the policy (displays only when at least one app has been included). The list contains the Name, Version, and App Type read-only columns. It also offers, for each app on the list, a context menu (denoted by a vertical ellipsis, to the left of the app's Name). The menu includes two options:
  • Delete - select to remove the app from the policy.
  • Configure - select top open the Advanced Configurations dialog box, where you can define app configurations in the context of the current policy (see Advanced Configurations).


Note: This tab appears only for Apple app policies.
Upload Image

Browse for an image file or drag the file and drop it into the filed. This image will act as a header for the app policy on the device. To replace a previously selected image with a new one, delete the current one by clicking the Delete icon within the field.

Note: The image size must be 2100 x 65 px.