Device Agent Installation Method

Use this dialog box to select a method for installing the selected device agent on devices.

Self-Extracting Executable This is the simplest installation method and is recommended for most scenarios. A single executable (.exe) file will be exported. To install the agent, simply deliver this file to the device and execute it. The self-extracting executable contains the agent's installation .cab file, as well as any other supporting files that may be required for targeted device platform.
Note: This installation method is not supported on Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone or Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices.
Desktop-based Self-Extracting Executable This is a convenient installation method for remote locations. Execute this application on any desktop computer to install the agent onto a cradle synced device. This will open a light application that will install the agent on to the device via ActiveSync.
Device Agent URL Address This option posts the device agent's .exe file to a special directory that can be accessed via URL. Send the URL to device users so they can download and install the device agent.