Agent Builder: Parameters

Configure the parameters you want built into the device agent.

Automatic Deployment Server Discovery Sets whether the device agent will attempt to discover deployment servers using UDP broadcasts when it cannot connect to the configured servers. If you have multiple SOTI MobiControl installations on the same network, you must set a unique site name for each installation so that the discovery process will not detect servers in a different installation.
Accept Direct Remote Control Connections Sets whether the device agent will accept direct remote control connections (TCP/IP remote control connection profile). A direct connection improves performance by reducing latency, but it requires the device to accept the connection without authentication unless SSL security is enabled. Remote control is permitted via the TCP/IP (Server) remote control connection profile regardless of this setting.
Device Stable Storage Folder Sets the stable storage folder. The stable storage folder is a special folder on the device that is not erased when the device is hard reset. The device agent stores its installer, settings and packages in this folder so that the device agent can be automatically reinstalled after a hard reset.
Note: Stable storage folders do not exist on all devices. For devices that do not feature a stable storage folder, SOTI MobiControl will default to a standard folder on the file system. Optionally, you may use an external SD card as the stable storage folder. This option is not recommended in most scenarios, as removal of the SD card will severely impact the operation of the device agent.
Device Identifier Sets the method used to create the unique identifier for each device.
List Agent in Remove Programs Sets whether the device agent is listed in the Remove Programs settings applet on the device. When this parameter is set to Off, the agent is not listed, preventing it from being uninstalled by the device user.
Deployment Server(s) Sets the deployment server that the device agent connect to. The device agent connects to the deployment server to receive configuration information, software, and data. It is critical that the device be able to reach the IP address of the deployment server via the IP network to which the device is connected.

If the device will be on a public network such as the Internet, you will need to set up an externally routable address for your deployment server in the SOTI MobiControl Administration Utility. See SOTI MobiControl Administration for information on setting up an external IP address for the deployment server.

Note: Configuration of the deployment server address should be performed before agents are created, as the address information will be embedded into the agent installer.
Set Windows Device Name Sets the Windows device name to be the same as the system assigned name.