Updating Android Device Agents in the SOTI MobiControl Database

About this task

Important: To download or update Android device agents, the SOTI MobiControl management service requires access to the following URL endpoints activate2.soti.net and agentdservice.s3.amazonaws.com.

To download the latest Android SOTI MobiControl device agent to your SOTI MobiControl database:


  1. Select Global Settings from the main menu.
  2. From the Settings tree on the left, select Android > Device Agent and Plugin to display the Device Agent and Plugin page (see Device Agent and Plugin Page).
  3. Use the page's controls to update the device agent (replace the current version with the latest available one):
    Filter Select an option from the dropdown list to filter the displayed device agents or plugins:
    • All to see all possible manufacturers and their device agents or plugins
    • Out of date to see only those device agents or plugins where a newer version is available for download
    • Up to date to only see device agents or plugins where the latest available version is already installed on the SOTI MobiControl database
    • Pending compatibility to only see device agents that have the latest version installed on the SOTI MobiControl database but whose compatibility has not been switched to only include the latest version. That is, devices currently running previous versions of the device agents are still deemed acceptable and won't be forced to update.

      Pending compatibility is not applicable for device plugins

    Added Agents and Plugins Enter at least two characters of the name of the manufacturer whose device agents or plugins you want to see, then press Enter. Use this search field in combination with the Filter dropdown list to filter your results.
    Add Click this icon to display the Device Agent and Plugin dialog box where you can select an agent or plugin to add to the SOTI MobiControl database (see Device Agent and Plugin Dialog Box).
    Manufacturer The agent or plugin manufacturer.
    Device Model The model of the device the agent or plugin is intended for.
    Type Agent or plugin.
    Local Ver. The currently deployed version of the agent or plugin.
    Latest Ver. The latest available version of the agent or plugin. Click to download the latest version to your computer.
  4. Click Save.
    This will not change the compatibility of the previous local version of the agent. Devices with the previous agent will continue to run that agent with no compatibility issues.
    Once the latest version of the device agent has been successfully downloaded to the SOTI MobiControl database, the Update button will change to read Update Compatibility.
  5. Optional: In the Latest Version column, click the version number to download a copy of the .apk file to your computer. You can sideload it onto a few Android devices to test the version with a limited number of devices before pushing it to the rest of your devices.
  6. When you want to push the new version to all your devices, click the Update Compatibility button.
    This marks the previous agent versions as out of date and a red warning icon will appear beside the device in the Devices list in the Devices view.


You now have the latest version of the device agent in your SOTI MobiControl database. To upgrade it on the rest of your devices, see Upgrading Device Agents for instructions.