Uploading the Zebra Android Enterprise Migration Certificate

Before you begin

Request an Android Enterprise migration certificate from Zebra Technologies. Ensure you specify it's a certificate for SOTI MobiControl. Zebra may call it an EnrollDO.pem certificate.

About this task

To migrate your Android devices from Android Classic device administrator enrollment to Android Enterprise Work Managed devices:


  1. Select Global Settings from the main menu.
  2. From the Settings tree on the left, select Android > Enterprise Migration Certificate to display the Enterprise Migration Certificate page (see Enterprise Migration Certificate).
  3. Click Add Certificate to display the Add Certificate dialog box (see Add Certificate).
  4. Fill out the dialog box fields as required:
    Certificate Click Browse File and browse to the certificate file. Alternatively, drag the file and drop it into the field.
    Delete This icon appears over the Certificate field when a certificate had been selected. Click to delete the current certificate and enable selection of the new one.
    Save Click to upload the selected certificate.
    Cancel Click to discard changes and close the dialog box.
  5. Click Save.


The migration certificate will appear in the the Enterprise Migration Certificate page.

Note: You can replace it with another one by clicking Modify and entering the new certificate details in the Add Certificate dialog box.

What to do next

Ensure your SOTI MobiControl database has a compatible Android Enterprise device agent downloaded. Migration to Android Enterprise requires an Android Enterprise device agent of 14.1.0 or later. If your database has an earlier version, update the Android Enterprise device agent.

Once your SOTI MobiControl instance is up to date with a compatible Android Enterprise agent, you can proceed with migrating your Zebra devices to Android Enterprise.