Updating E-FOTA License Keys

Before you begin

You must have an existing Samsung E-FOTA license key already attached to SOTI MobiControl. If you're adding a license for the first time, follow the steps outlined at Adding E-FOTA Licenses to SOTI MobiControl.

About this task

To update an existing E-FOTA license to use a new license key:


  1. Select Global Settings from the main menu.
  2. From the Settings tree on the left, select Android > Samsung E-FOTA to display the Samsung E-FOTA page (see Samsung E-FOTA.
  3. Select a license and do one of the following to open the E-FOTA License dialog box (see E-FOTA License):
    • From the license's context menu, select Edit
    • Click License Name
  4. Modify the license information as required:
    License Name Enter a descriptive name for the E-FOTA license.
    Note: Do not use the following special characters in the license name: + < > &.
    Customer ID Enter the customer ID you received when you purchased the license.
    License Key Enter the license key you received when you purchased the license.
    Group Name Enter a descriptive identifier for the E-FOTA license group.
    Note: Do not use the following special characters in the group name: + < > &.
    Add (+) Click to display the Add Group dialog box (see Add Group), where you can enter additional groups for the license.
    Groups This section lists all groups added under the license. The list includes two columns:
    • Group Name
    • Number or Devices in the group
    Save Click to save changes.
    Cancel Click to discard changes and close the dialog box.
  5. Click Save.


The details for the new license will replace the details for the old license.