Split Billing

Important: With the release of Samsung Knox 3.4, Samsung has deprecated Knox Workspace containers. As such, SOTI MobiControl v15.0 and on does not support the creation, modification or deployment of Samsung Knox containers to devices. If you have devices that were assigned a Samsung Knox container in a previous version of SOTI MobiControl and you have since upgraded to SOTI MobiControl v15.0 or later, the Knox container will remain on the device. However, you will be unable to modify the existing container or add new containers to devices.

Learn more about how the Samsung Knox Workspace container deprecation may affect you at Samsung Knox Workspace Container Deprecation

Use the Split Billing profile configuration to separate the billing and tracking of enterprise cellular data usage from a device user's personal cellular data usage. Once this policy is configured and enabled, carriers that support the feature can set up separate billing information. This feature requires that the carrier supports Samsung Enterprise Billing, and that you have set up your account to enable this feature.

Note: To set up Enterprise Billing on a Samsung device, the device must support Samsung KNOX 2.2 or later.