Samsung Knox Workspace Container Deprecation

With the release of Samsung Knox 3.4, Samsung has deprecated Knox Workspace containers. As such, SOTI MobiControl v15.0 and on does not support the creation, modification or deployment of Samsung Knox containers to devices.

If you have devices that were assigned a Samsung Knox container in a previous version of SOTI MobiControl and you have since upgraded to SOTI MobiControl v15.0 or later, the Samsung Knox container will remain on the device. However, you will be unable to modify the existing container or add new containers to devices.

Existing Samsung Knox profiles remain visible in the Profiles view where you can open their Profile Information panels to see details, but not edit them. You can also revoke, delete, retry installation or disable Samsung Knox profiles. Once you disable a Samsung Knox profile, you cannot re-enable it.

See instructions for removing a Samsung Knox Workspace container from a device entirely at Removing the Samsung Knox Container on Your Devices. Removing the container from the device deletes all apps, enterprise data, and settings applied within the container. Personal apps and data will be unaffected. You can continue managing that device as an Android Classic device.

Tip: Consider migrating your Samsung Knox container devices to use Android Enterprise Managed Profiles, which offer similar containerization functionality.