Setting Up SOTI Cloud Link Agent

Before you begin

Request an Intermediate Certificate from SOTI technical support before you begin setting up the SOTI Cloud Link Agent. The intermediate certificate must be added to the Certificate Store on the SOTI Cloud Link Agent host computer so that the Certificate Trust chain is completed successfully.

To configure the SOTI Cloud Link Agent:

  1. On the computer on which you want to install the SOTI Cloud Link Agent, log into your SOTI MobiControl console.
  2. In the legacy console, go to the All Platforms tab and then click the Servers tab.
  3. Within the servers list in the top left, right-click on SOTI Cloud Link Agent and select Download SOTI Cloud Link Agent Installer to download CloudLinkAgentInstaller.exe.
  4. Install the SOTI MobiControl Root and Intermediate Certificates on the SOTI Cloud Link Agent host computer.
    Important: The SOTI Cloud Link Agent establishes trust with requests made by SOTI MobiControl using the SOTI MobiControl Root and Intermediate Certificates. The SOTI Cloud Link Agent will not work correctly if the certificate trust chain is incomplete.
    1. Right-click on SOTI Cloud Link Agent and select Download SOTI MobiControl Root Certificate.
      You can skip this step if you plan to provide your own client certificate as trust will be established with the Root that issued the certificate you provide.
    2. Request an Intermediate Certificate from SOTI technical support, if you haven't already, and install it on the computer.
  5. Run the SOTI Cloud Link Agent installation file (CloudLinkAgentInstaller.exe) with administrative rights.
  6. Complete the SOTI Cloud Link Agent installation wizard.
    The SOTI Cloud Link Agent Administration Utility will open after you successfully complete the wizard. Do not close the utility, you'll need it soon.
  7. Return to the SOTI MobiControl console Servers tab.
  8. Right-click on SOTI Cloud Link Agents and select Create Link Agent to open the SOTI Cloud Link Agent Properties dialog box.
  9. Fill in the fields in the dialog box.
  10. Click OK to save your changes.
  11. Return to the SOTI Cloud Link Agent Administration Utility. If you closed the utility, re-launch it now with administrative privileges.
  12. Configure the Cloud Link Administration Utility to match your deployment topology.
    See SOTI Cloud Link Agent Administration Utility for explanations of the fields in the SOTI Cloud Link Agent Administration Utility.
  13. Click Apply to save your changes and restart the SOTI Cloud Link Agent service.

Once you have configured the communication between SOTI MobiControl and the SOTI Cloud Link Agent, you must specify that your connection(s) to enterprise services communicate through the SOTI Cloud Link Agent instead of attempting a direct connection. See Routing Certificate Authorities Through the SOTI Cloud Link Agent or Routing Directory Service Connections Through the SOTI Cloud Link Agent for instructions.