SOTI Cloud Link Agent Administration Utility

Use the SOTI Cloud Link Agent Administration Utility to configure the SOTI Cloud Link Agent.

Service Hosting

Fully Qualified Domain Hostname Enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) used by SOTI MobiControl cloud to communicate with the SOTI Cloud Link Agent.
Matching SSL Certificate Click on this field to select the SSL certificate that matches the FQDN entered above. To import a certificate, click Import.


Authenticate Using Certificates Select this option to use direct or load-balanced communication.

Select Accept certificate with this thumbprint only and enter the SOTI Cloud Link Agent Authentication certificate thumbprint provided when you created the SOTI Cloud Link Agent in the SOTI MobiControl console.

Authenticate Using Windows Identity Select this option to use a reverse proxy that passes a Windows identity instead of a client certificate.

Select Accept requests from this user only and enter the user.

Important: Not restricting authentication to a certificate thumbprint or a user is considerably less secure, and is provided for troubleshooting purposes only.
Only accept communication requests for the LDAP/ADCS servers entered below Select this option to restrict the hosts that SOTI MobiControl can communicate with, and enter the host FQDN here. If SOTI MobiControl requests information from a host that is not entered here, the request will be rejected.