Enrolling Samsung Devices in E-FOTA

About this task

To enroll Samsung devices in the E-FOTA program:


  1. Select the devices that you want to enroll in E-FOTA and click the Enroll in E-FOTA button in the Device Actions menu bar.
    Click the More button to see the full device actions list.
  2. In the Enroll in E-FOTA dialog box, select a license name from the License Name dropdown list.
    Note: All selected devices will be enrolled under the same License and Group ID. If you want to enroll different devices under different Licenses or Group IDs, you must perform the Enroll in E-FOTA device action multiple times.
  3. Select a Group ID from the Group ID list
    You can change the Group ID of device later, but not the license name.
  4. If applicable, click the warning message at the bottom of the dialog box to see why some of the selected devices cannot be enrolled in E-FOTA.
  5. Click Enroll in E-FOTA.


Your devices are now enrolled in E-FOTA and you can upgrade their firmware.

Note: You must unenroll or delete the device from SOTI MobiControl management to unenroll them from E-FOTA.