Configuring the Settings Manager App

Before you begin

Make sure you have installed the Settings Manager app on your devices. Review Creating a profile for the general steps of creating and assigning a profile to devices.

About this task

To configure the Settings Manager app:


  1. Within the Add Profile dialog box, select Settings Manager from the SOTI apps category.
  2. Enable the settings you want the device user to be able to configure in Lockdown mode and click OK to save the configuration to the profile.
  3. Within the same Add Profile dialog box, select Lockdown from the Restrictions category.
  4. In the Lockdown dialog box, select the Device Control tab and click New to open the Add Menu Item dialog box.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for this menu item in the Display Name field.
  6. Copy Launch://net.soti.settingsmanager into the Package Name or Script File or URL field.
  7. Enable Launch automatically on start-up and then click OK to save the menu item and OK to save the Lockdown configuration to the profile.
  8. Within the same Add Profile dialog box, select Authentication from the Security category.
  9. In the Authentication dialog, click Configure in the Device Administrator Password section.
  10. Enter a password in the Password field. This password is used to gain full administrator access to a device in Lockdown mode.
  11. Click OK to save the password and then click OK again to save the Authentication configuration to the profile.
  12. Click Save or Save and Assign to send the profile to your devices.

What to do next

Once you assign this profile to a device that has the Settings Manager app installed, the Settings Manager is enabled and when the device enters lockdown mode, the Settings Manager reads its configuration file and enables (or disables) the corresponding settings.