Cloud Link Agent Properties

Use this dialog box to specify the properties of the Cloud Link agent.

For more information about Cloud Link, see Configuring Cloud Link.

Cloud Link Agent Name Enter an internal identifier for this Cloud Link agent. The identifier will be used as a reference in the SOTI MobiControl console when configuring a service to use Cloud Link.

Cloud Link Address

Cloud Link Agent Server Address Enter the HTTPS URL used by SOTI MobiControl Cloud to access the Cloud Link agent. The URL must contain the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) followed by /cla. For example: https://fully.qualified.domain/cla.

If a reverse proxy or load balancer sits before your Cloud Link agent, the FQDN should reflect that by using the FQDN of that host.

Upload Root Certificate Click Upload to select and upload the root certificate that issued the server certificate you purchased or issued for the Cloud Link agent. If your certificate was issued via a commercial certificate authority, it is unlikely that you are required to provide a root certificate.

Cloud Link Authentication

Select the certificate with which you would like to authenticate to the Cloud Link agent. Be sure to record the certificate thumbprint for use when you configure the Cloud Link agent in the Cloud Link Administration Utility.

Internal SOTI MobiControl Certificate Select this option if you want to use an internal SOTI MobiControl certificate for authenticating.
Custom Certificate Select this option if you want to use a custom certificate for authenticating. Click Upload and select and upload the custom certificate.