Add/Edit Device Relocation Mapping

Add or edit a device relocation mapping based on IP address ranges or a custom data identifier or both.

From the device group list, select the group that devices will be moved to when both the IP address range and the custom data identifier parameters are met. Enter the parameters on the IP Address Range and Custom Data Identifier tabs.

Note: All parameters defined in the mapping must be met for the device to be relocated.

IP Address Range

Note: The IP address of the device is determined at the time the device connects to the deployment server.
IP Address Range Select this option to enable adding, editing or deleting IP address range parameters.
Add Adds a new IP address range to the list. Enter the range in the From and To fields.
Edit Enables you to edit the selected IP address range.
Delete Deletes the selected IP address range from the list.

Custom Data Identifier

Custom Data Identifier Select this option to enable adding or editing custom data identifier parameters.
Name Select the name of the custom data configuration you want to use. Only custom data configurations that have previously been defined for this rule's target device group appear in the list.
Value Enter the custom data configuration value you want to specify for this parameter.