Printer Label

Configure how your printers handle printing label templates.

Label Type Select the type of label that your printer is using:
  • Continuous: Prints labels based on configured label length
  • Gap/Notch: Prints labels based on detecting gaps/notches between labels
  • Mark: Prints labels based on black mark at the back of the label which printers recognize as end point and start point of labels
Label Removal Method Determines how the label is removed while printing is occurring. Methods include:
  • Tear Off: Printer prints as fast as it is set to with no pause
  • Peel Off: label backing is peeled off by the printer hardware
  • Rewind: Printer hardware component peels the back off of the label. A mechanical arm rolls up peeled backing.
  • Applicator: For printers equipped with an applicator board to synchronize printing with control device signaling
  • Cutter: Mechanical cutter is triggered to cut from the rest. The printer waits until the cut is completed before printing the next label.
  • Delayed Cut: Printer only cuts when it receives a command from the printing software.
  • RFID: Printer detects the RFID element of the label and prints accordingly
  • Linerless Peel: Printer waits until the previous label is torn off before printing the next label.
  • Linerless Rewind: Linerless paper is wound onto the option rewind bar.
  • Kiosk: Printer follows behavior determined by kiosk use.
  • Linerless Tear: Prints linerless labels for the user to tear off. Printer does not wait between labels if more than one is printed.
  • Stream: Prints second label before first label's printing is completed but does not complete second label's print until the next Start Print signal is received.
Distance between label gap and mark Set the distance between the label gap and black mark.
Label Position (left edge) Set the position of the left starting edge of the label.
Length of Printer Label Set the length of the printer label.
Width of Printer Label Set the width of the printer label.