Enrolling your Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment Devices with SOTI MobiControl

Before you begin

You must be enrolled in the Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) program to link to SOTI MobiControl and enroll your devices. See the Samsung KME User Guide for more information on adding devices to the Samsung KME program.

About this task

Note: Parts of this procedure are performed through a third-party and are therefore subject to change without notice. Refer to Samsung KME documentation for the latest information.

To enroll your Samsung KME devices into SOTI MobiControl:


  1. In the SOTI MobiControl console, create an add devices rule with the enrollment settings that you want applied to your Samsung devices. Make a note of the Enrollment ID, visible in the Information panel of the add devices rule.
  2. In the Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment portal, create a new MDM profile for your SOTI MobiControl instance.
  3. On the MDM Profiles tab, click Add to open the Create an MDM Profile dialog box.
  4. Select the Server UI not required for my MDM option.
  5. Choose one of the following SOTI MobiControl device agents to install on your devices and download it from the SOTI Device Agents Downloads page:
    • Samsung ELM
    • Android Enterprise
  6. Upload the device agent to the Samsung KME portal as the MDM application.
    Select the Enable this app as a Google Device Owner option if you are using the Android Enterprise device agent.
  7. Optional: Add a JSON configuration that contains the enrollment ID of the applicable add devices rule so that devices will automatically choose and apply the correct enrollment settings once activated. Copy the JSON configuration appropriate to the device agent (see below) into the Custom JSON Data (as defined by MDM) field.
    Important: The format of the JSON configuration is strict and differs between the Samsung ELM agent and the Android Enterprise agent. Follow the format for each device agent exactly as presented below, where AAAAAA11 is replaced by the actual enrollment ID of the add devices rule.
    Device AgentJSON Configuration Format
    Samsung ELM { "EnrollmentID": "AAAAAA11" }
    Android Enterprise {"enrollmentId":"AAAAAA11"}
    If you add a JSON configuration to an MDM profile, that profile becomes restricted to a single add devices rule and you will need to create new profiles to enroll devices using another add devices rule.
  8. Save the new MDM profile.
  9. Select the devices you want managed through SOTI MobiControl and assign the MDM profile to them.


When you activate your Samsung Android devices, they will automatically download the SOTI MobiControl agent and enroll in SOTI MobiControl according to the settings specified in the add devices rule.

Note: Unenrolling or deleting these devices from SOTI MobiControl does not remove them from the Samsung KME portal.

What to do next

If you did not add a JSON configuration to the MDM profile, you need to send the enrollment ID of the add devices rule separately to your device users.