Enrolling Android Work Managed Devices

About this task

Follow these steps to enroll Android work managed devices. If you want to enroll an Android device with a work profile, follow the general Android Plus enrollment steps, ensuring that you select the Android Enterprise device agent.

Note: You must download the Android Enterprise device agent during the initial device setup to activate the device as a work managed device. If the device agent is downloaded after the device setup is complete, the device can only be activated as a work profile or you must factory reset the device and begin again.

To enroll an Android device into SOTI MobiControl as a work managed device:


  1. Download and install the Android Enterprise device agent on the device.
    • Use the SOTI MobiControl Stage Programmer app (available on the Google Play store) to provision the device via NFC bump or QR code
    • Add a Google account that is managed by your company in the initial Device Setup Wizard
    • Enter the SOTI EMM token identifier (afw#mobicontrol) when prompted to add a Google account
  2. Follow the general Android Plus enrollment instructions.