Use the Advanced dialog box to further configure settings for the connections between the SOTI MobiControl device agent and the deployment server.

Note: Settings may differ depending on the selected device family.


Specify how GPS settings are configured on devices.

Automatically detect GPS device settings (Windows Mobile devices only) Choose this option to allow devices to automatically detect GPS device setting. Available on Windows Mobile devices only.
Manually configure GPS device settings (The manual settings in most cases would be exactly the same as Hardware settings configured on the device for GPS) Choose this option to manually configure the GPS settings on the device. These settings will likely be the same as the GPS settings configured on the device.
Hardware COM Port Choose a hardware COM port number from the dropdown list.
Baud Rate Choose a baud rate from the dropdown list.
Parity Choose a parity status from the dropdown list.
Data Bits Choose the number of data bits from the dropdown list.
Stop Bits Choose the number of stop bits from the dropdown list.


Show System Tray Icon When enabled, an icon for the GPS will appear in the system tray of the device.
Allow Inbound TCP/IP(Direct) Remote Control Connections When enabled, inbound TCP/IP(Direct) remote control connections will be allowed on the device.
Enable advanced keyboard control When enabled, advanced keyboard control is allowed on the device.