Deployment Server Priority List

The Deployment Server Priority List dialog box allows you to specify the deployment server preferences for a device.

Deployment Server Priority List

This section enables you to define the order in which the device attempts to connect to a deployment server, if multiple deployment servers have been configured. Priority one is the highest and five is the lowest. When the device attempts to connect with a deployment server, it will try the highest priority server first. If that server is not available, it will try the next one in the priority list.

Multiple servers may be assigned the same priority level to establish a pool of deployment servers to balance the load across a large number of devices.

Name Displays the name of the deployment server.
Priority Select the priority level for this deployment server. The device will attempt to connect with the deployment server that has the highest priority level first.

If you select Not Used, the device will not attempt to connect with that deployment server.

Server Status Indicates whether the server is online or offline.

Deployment Server Info

This section displays information about settings used by the SOTI MobiControl console and device agent to connect with the deployment server.