Sending Scripts to Devices

About this task

Use scripts to execute commands on your devices. You can send scripts to Android Plus, Linux, Windows Desktop Classic, and Windows Mobile/CE devices.

Note: SOTI MobiControl has several predefined scripts ready for use such as activate connection, show message, and wipe device. You can use one of SOTI MobiControl's predefined scripts or create a custom script. For a full list of available script commands, see Using Script Commands.

To send a script to a device:


  1. Select the device or devices you want to send scripts to and click the Send Script icon in the Device Actions menu bar.
  2. In the Send Script dialog box, enter a script into the Script field by:
    • Selecting a preset script from the list on the left of the dialog box or
    • Entering a custom script
  3. If applicable, click the warning message at the bottom of the dialog box to see which of the selected devices cannot receive scripts and why.
  4. Click Send Script.
If there is a custom script that you use frequently, consider saving it as a preset.
  1. Click Create New Script and enter the script in the Script field.
  2. Click Save Preset and enter a name for the new preset script in Create New Script once it is highlighted green.
  3. Click Enter.