Using Macros in SOTI MobiControl

You can use macros to automatically pull information from your devices and input it as a value into SOTI MobiControl. For example, when enrolling your devices, you can instruct SOTI MobiControl to name your devices according to data specific to each device, such as a device's IMEI number or MAC address.

You can use macros in various places throughout the SOTI MobiControl console such as device naming during enrollment, certain profile configurations and other device configuration and tracking actions.

Note: Macros are resolved whenever a device checks into SOTI MobiControl and updated accordingly. Therefore, device names will change to reflect new information.

Available Macros

SOTI MobiControl supports several macros. However, not every macro is available for every situation or for every device type. Supported macros for a particular situation will be displayed in the macros drop-down list beside the relevant field.

Tip: When naming devices, you can link multiple macros together to create unique names.
Description Macro
Auto Incrementing Numbered Sequence

Numbering begins at 00001 and increases by 1.

Device MAC Address %MAC%
Device Manufacturer %MANUFACTURER%
Device Model %MODEL%
Device Platform %PLATFORM%
Device Serial Number %SERIALNUM%
Enrolled User Domain %ENROLLEDUSER_DOMAIN%
Enrolled User Email %ENROLLEDUSER_EMAIL%
Enrolled User Principal Name %ENROLLEDUSER_UPN%
Enrolled User Username %ENROLLEDUSER_USERNAME%
ESN (Electronic Serial Number) for Samsung devices %ESN%
ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) %ICCID%
IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) %IMEI%
IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) %IMSI%
IP address of the device %IP%
Lockscreen Message

If a lockscreen message is not configured on the device, SOTI MobiControl will use %PLATFORM% %AUTONUM% to name the device.

Phone Number %PHONENUMBER%
Personalized Device Name %PERSONALIZED_DEVICE_NAME%
SD Card

Points to the internal storage on most Android devices.

Note: On some Android devices, %SDCARD% points to the external SD card.