Installing a PAS

Before you begin

This is the second step of setting up the Printer Administration Server (PAS) which allows Zebra printers to be enrolled and managed by SOTI MobiControl. You must have completed the previous step to complete this procedure successfully.

Complete these actions on a computer that can access the PAS client certificate.

About this task

Note: Do not install the PAS on the same machine as SOTI MobiControl.

To establish a connection between SOTI MobiControl and a PAS:


  1. Open an internet browser and navigate to the SOTI MobiControl Connector page on the Zebra website.
    Note: On the Zebra website, the PAS is referred to as the SOTI MobiControl Connector.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click the Request SOTI MobiControl Connector link.
  3. On the SOTI MobiControl Connector request page, enter the requested information, then click Submit.


Your request will be processed by Professional Services, and a representative will contact you to guide you through the remainder of the PAS installation process.

What to do next

After the PAS has been installed, create an add devices rule for a printer and begin connecting your individual printers to the PAS.