The Certificates panel enables you to view and change which certificate the SOTI XSight service and console use for HTTPS communication.

Admin Utility Certificates
Note: Only one certificate can be bound to a port. If you want to specify a certificate to be used by SOTI XSight only, one that is not shared with SOTI MobiControl, you must do one of the following:
  • Change the port number specified on the Ports panel before you select a SOTI XSight-specific certificate on this panel.
  • Install SOTI XSight on a different machine than SOTI MobiControl.
Import Opens a dialog box in which you can find and select a certificate file you want to import.
Select Opens the certificate store on the local machine, from which you can select a certificate.
View Details Opens the Certificate property sheet for the current certificate, displaying information about the certificate.
Test Now Tests the current certificate for any problems, and displays the test results.