Visualization Tab

The Visualization tab provides a visual representation of the associated device as well as device-specific details and actions.
Note: This tab is only displayed if the selected device is compatible with this feature.

Visualization Tab

You can cycle through the available images of the device and zoom in for greater detail. Warnings are displayed as red triangle icons. Hovering your cursor over a warning displays the latest warning message (e.g., out of paper).

Warning Message

The graph below the device image displays various properties spanning the past five days (e.g., number of labels printed).

Interactive data sliders allow you to manually make changes to field values, such as Darkness or Print Speed.
The toolbar at the top of the pane provides quick access to common functions. You can customize the data displayed by clicking More options button and selecting/deselecting the available options.
Note: The visualization tab is available for all supported devices, even when a device is offline. The information displayed reflects the state of the device when it was last online.