Welcome to SOTI Cloud Link Agent 2024.0 Help

SOTI ONE cloud applications offer flexible, scalable, and highly available enterprise management solutions that are ideal for customers who want to reduce their investment in IT infrastructure and maintenance. They provide the same level of functionality as their on-premises counterparts with much less overhead.

However, many on premises enterprise services are sequestered behind corporate firewalls and are not exposed to the internet where SOTI ONE cloud connections originate.

To overcome that limitation, we built SOTI Cloud Link Agent, a light, on premises component that extends enterprise services to SOTI ONE cloud applications. It securely transfers requests and responses between a SOTI ONE cloud application and your enterprise services.

Note: There are two versions of SOTI Cloud Link Agent: Inbound and Outbound, with differing capabilities. You'll need to check compatibility between your SOTI ONE cloud application and version of SOTI Cloud Link Agent. Read SOTI Cloud Link Agent Versions for details.

Additionally, SOTI Cloud Link Agent is meant for SOTI ONE cloud applications, like SOTI Identity or SOTI MobiControl cloud, only. Do not attempt to use it with on-premises applications.

Note: You might encounter the 'blocked-connections.json' error when connecting two or more CLA hosts to the same broker. Contact customer support at support@soti.net to disable the blocked connection.

Customers can log a case using the log-a-case form online. For Premium Support and Enterprise Support customers, a case can be created through the customer portal.

To log a case form online for Standard Support customers, see https://soti.net/services/log-a-case.

To visit the Customer Portal for Premium Support and Enterprise Support customers, see https://soti.my.site.com/customers/s/login/.