Database Partitioning

You can optimize the database for data collection by enabling data partitioning during the installation of SOTI MobiControl. It improves performance for reviewing recently collected data in the Data Collection panel and when generating reports.

Note: Database partitioning is only available on some editions of Microsoft SQL Server, and is not included on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express which is bundled with the SOTI MobiControl installer.

Partitioning is performed on the following tables:

  • DevStatCallLog
  • DevStatCallLogTotal
  • DevStatInt
  • DevStatLocation
  • DevStatNetTraffic
  • DevStatNetTrafficTotal
  • DevStatString
  • RMLNotification

When database partitioning is enabled, SOTI MobiControl creates 14 partitions for each table using the RIGHT boundary type, monthly interval, and the Primary file group. The first 12 partitions store data for the past 12 months while the last 2, store data older than 12 months.

Depending on your situation, SOTI MobiControl organizes partitions differently:

During a clean install, SOTI MobiControl organizes partitions so the first partition contains data for the current month and all previous months. The second partition will contain data for the next month, and so on.

When upgrading an existing installation of SOTI MobiControl, SOTI MobiControl creates partitions so that the last partition contains the current month and all months after. The second last partition contains the previous month, and so on.

In either case, SOTI MobiControl creates the Automatic Sliding Window job affecting each table partitioned by the installer.

Note: Automatic Sliding Window jobs remain registered in the SQL Server Agent after the product is uninstalled, even if the database is deleted.