Adding an Azure Directory Service Connection

Before you begin

You must have a Microsoft Azure account set up prior to configuring connection settings in SOTI MobiControl. You must also have authenticated SOTI MobiControl with that account. See Microsoft Azure documentation for more information.

The following information is required during the SOTI MobiControl Azure directory service connection setup:

  • Federation Metadata Document URL
  • Azure AD Graph API endpoint (domain name only) Default is set to by SOTI MobiControl.
  • Client ID of the application
  • Client Key of the application

About this task

To add an Azure directory service connection to SOTI MobiControl:


  1. Select Global Settings from the main menu.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • From the Settings tree on the left, select Services > Directory to display the Directory dialog box (see Directory).
    • From the Settings tree on the left, select Console Settings > Authentication Options to display the Authentication Options page (see Authentication Options). Under Authentication Type, select MobiControl. Click Manage Directories to open the Directory dialog box (see Directory).
  3. In the Azure Directories dialog box, click the + icon.
  4. Fill the fields with the appropriate values, starting with the Connection Details section:
    Name Enter the name of the new connection.
    Azure Graph API Address Enter the service root for the Graph API request.

    The default address is

    Azure Tenant ID Click the + icon to display the Azure Tenant pane, where you configure new tenants.
    Azure Application The MDM associated with the Tenant ID.
  5. Click Save.


You can now enroll your devices using Azure.