Adding Certificates

Before you begin

To perform the initial setup, contact the SOTI Professional Services team.

To renew the initially issued certificates that are about to expire, follow this procedure: Issuing Enrollment and User Certificates.

About this task

To add a dynamic certificate to SOTI MobiControl:


  1. Select Global Settings from the main menu.
  2. From the Settings tree on the left, select Services > Certificate Authority to open the Certificate Authority page (see Certificate Authority Page).
  3. In the Certificate Authorities section, click the + icon to open the Certificate Authority dialog box (see Certificate Authority).
  4. Fill out the common fields with the appropriate values.
    Name Enter a name for your certificate authority.
    Certificate Type Select a certificate type:
    • ADCS
    • Entrust
    • Generic SCEP
    • Symantec

    The layout of the dialog box changes according to the certificate type you select.

    Certificate Templates This section lists the existing certificate templates. Click the + icon to expand the Certificate Templates section (see Certificate Templates / Template Details).
  5. Once the dialog box layout changes according to the selected certificate type, fill out the type-specific fields.
  6. Click Save.


What to do next

Use a certificates profile to distribute the certificate to your devices.