Data Type

Select the types of data you want this rule to collect.

The types of data available for collection are in the Available Items list. To have the rule collect a data type, select it in the Available Items list and select the right arrow button to move it to the Collected Items list. To remove a data type from the list of types to collect, select it in the Collected Items list. Select the left arrow button to move it back to the Available Items list.

To define a new data type for collection, select the New button to open the Custom Data Definition dialog box.

Available Data Types

Printer IP Address The IP address of the device when the rule rule runs.
Printer Battery Status The remaining battery charge on the device (as a percent of battery capacity) when the rule runs.
Printer Available Memory The amount of RAM available on the device.
Printer Available Storage The total amount of storage space available on the device.
Number of Labels Printed The number of labels printed.
Length Printed With Current Print Head The length of time the current print head has been in use.
Length Printed Since Print Head Was Cleaned The length of time since the print head was last cleaned.
Length Printed The length of time the printer has been in use.