Create/Edit Compliance Policy

Add compliance policies to SOTI MobiControl to define what makes a compliant device in your environment.

Enter a Name for the compliance policy. Names must be unique per device type. You can also add a description to the compliance policy to provide more information on its usage.

Non-Compliant Criteria

Click inside the Add a filter field to activate it. Start to type the name of a device or extended property to narrow down the list or scroll through the dropdown list to find a property.

Note: Devices that match the criteria specified here are deemed non-compliant.

The compliance policy criteria filter uses the same search functionality as the Devices view search, though with a more limited number of properties. You can combine multiple properties using Boolean operators. Available properties differ depending on device type.

Learn more about crafting complex filters at Advanced Search.


Click Add to expand the Actions section and specify the actions SOTI MobiControl should perform on non-compliant devices.

Actions are not required. If you do not specify any actions, non-compliant devices are simply flagged as non-compliant in the console and not further actions are taken.

Choose an action and when it should be triggered: immediately after a device is found non-compliant or after a delay. Then, configure the settings specific to each action. You can add multiple actions to a compliance policy.

Note: Not all actions are supported on all device types.
Action Description
Block Email Access Prevents device users from accessing their Microsoft Exchange email accounts.
Note: There must be an active Microsoft Exchange Server configured in SOTI MobiControl.

Choose an Exchange Server from the dropdown list.

Email Notification Sends an email notification to non-compliant devices.
Note: An email profile must be configured in SOTI MobiControl.

Choose which Template Type to use when sending the email notification.

  • Choose User Email to send an email to the non-compliant user that indicate that their device is currently non-compliant and what actions they should perform to achieve compliance. The To: is automatically pre-populated with the enrolled user email address macro.
  • Choose Administrator Email to send an email with a list of all non-compliant devices.
Tip: To view the templates, send a test email to your own email address.

Fill in the email recipient fields.