Exporting the Compliance Policy Information As a CSV File

About this task

You can export information about your compliance policies to a .csv file and download it to your computer or email it to various recipients. The values of the .csv file are determined based on the columns visible in the Compliance Policies list.

Note: A valid SOTI MobiControl email profile is required to email the .csv file. Refer to Creating SMTP Server Connections for instructions.

To export compliance policy information to a .csv file:


  1. Open the Compliance Policies view.
  2. Optional: Use the Family and Filters dropdown lists to filter which compliance policies are visible (and thus included in the .csv file.
  3. Optional: Drag and drop the columns to arrange the columns in a useful order.
  4. Click Export Compliance Policy List and choose either:
    • Download CSV to download the .csv file to your computer.
    • Email CSV to send the .csv file through email.
  5. If you selected Email CSV, choose an email profile from the Send From dropdown list and fill in the rest of the fields in the Email Device List dialog box. Click Send.


The .csv file will be generated and delivered according to your selection and named according to the following format: search-results-YYYY-MM-DD HH_mm_ss.csv.