Using Custom Attributes

Custom attributes allow you to extend the set of properties that define devices to accommodate information of your own. For example, you can create an Asset Tag attribute and specify a value for each device.

Custom attribute values can be specified directly for each device, or inherited from a device group when a value is specified at the device group level rather than at the device level.

Custom attributes are available system wide for all devices, and can be used when searching for a device, creating a filter group, designating filter criteria for profile assignment or appearing on a Lockdown screen.

Data Types

SOTI MobiControl supports five data types for custom attributes as follows:

Type Description
Text Limits values to alphanumeric characters.
Numeric Limits values to numeric characters.
Date Limits values to dates in the following syntax: mm dd yyyy.
Boolean Limits values to binary values: True/False.
Enumerator Enables you to create a comma-separated list of values. Values are displayed in a drop-down list when assigning a custom attribute value to a device or device group.