macOS Device Profile Configurations

Configurations are added to profiles to push device settings down to devices. Use the tables below to see the configurations that are available on this platform.

Note: The Apple platform has two default profiles: App Catalog and Profile Catalog. Both default profiles are simple web clips that point to the web address for either the App Catalog or the Profile Catalog. Do not delete these default profiles.

Security and Restrictions

Configuration Description
Authentication Enforces administrator and user password policies.
Certificates Distributes digital certificates to your devices.
Content Filter Specifies a content filtering service to restrict and manage user access to websites on macOS devices.
Energy Saver Specifies sleep and wake settings for desktop and portable devices.
FileVault Turns on FileVault disk encryption on devices and sets recovery key options.
Finder Specifies which Finder settings and actions are allowed on macOS devices.
Firewall Configures advanced firewall policies to filter or reroute network traffic on users' devices.
Kernel Extensions Specifies a list of kernel extensions that a user is allowed to install on a device.
Login Window Controls the look and feel of the device login window, including options for logging in and directory user access to the device.
Parental Controls Configures settings that limit profanity, blacklist or whitelist specific URLs, and establish time allowances and curfews.
Restrictions Disables specific device features or applications such as camera, YouTube, or others.
SCEP Configures devices to obtain certificates from a SCEP server.
Security & Privacy Configures various options for security and privacy.
Setup Assistant Skips certain Setup Assistant sections during the setup of a new user on a macOS device.

Email, Contact, & Calendars

Configuration Description
Calendars Configures calendar accounts using CalDAV for your devices.
Contacts Configures Contacts accounts using CardDAV for your devices.
Email: Exchange Active Sync Configures Exchange Active Sync email account settings for your devices.
Email: IMAP Configures IMAP email account settings for your devices.
Email: POP3 Configures POP3 email account settings for your devices.
LDAP Downloads company contacts configured in LDAP to your devices.


Configuration Description
AirPlay Manages access to AirPlay destinations.
Directory Configures directory servers for your devices.
Ethernet Configures ethernet connection settings for your devices.
Per App VPN: F5 SSL Configures F5 SSL VPN account settings for individual applications on your devices.
Per App VPN: Custom SSL Configures Custom SSL VPN account settings for individual applications on your devices.
Proxy Profile Configures proxy settings for directing network traffic on your devices.
VPN: L2TP Configures L2TP VPN settings for your devices.
VPN: IPSec (Cisco) Configures IPSec (Cisco) VPN settings for your devices.
VPN: F5 SSL Configures F5 SSL VPN settings for your devices.
VPN: Custom SSL Configures Custom SSL VPN settings for your devices.
WiFi Configures WiFi settings on your devices.


Configuration Description
Accessibility Configures accessibility options on your devices.
AirPrint Configures access to AirPrint printers from your devices.
Custom Profiles Distributes custom configuration profiles to your devices.
Desktop & Screen Saver Specifies desktop wallpaper and screen saver options for macOS devices.
Dock Specifies the look and feel of the macOS Dock and the applications that will be displayed on it.
Extensions Specifies the extensions that are allowed or disallowed on macOS devices.
Fonts Sets custom fonts for your devices.
Login Items Controls the behavior of macOS devices when they launch.
Managed Domains Separates external data from data that originates from within your organization.
Printing Adds new printers and selects the default printer, printer access, and footer options.
Software Update Configures the macOS software update server.
Time Machine Specifies the location of a server used to back up a macOS device.
Xsan Specifies an Xsan server network. Xsan is Apple's storage area network for macOS devices.