Retrieving App Feedback Logs from Managed Google Play Apps

About this task

Note: This feature is only supported on Android devices enrolled with a Managed Google Play Account.

To view the status and log information of managed Google Play applications on Android Enterprise devices:


  1. On the Profiles view, create a new profile for either Android Work Managed and Android Work Profile devices.
  2. Add a Managed Google Play profile configuration and ensure the Application Feedback option is enabled. Click Save.
  3. Assign the profile to any devices whose app feedback logs you want to retrieve.
    You can always update the assignment criteria later.
  4. In the Manage Apps view, create an app policy that contains Managed Google Play apps and assign it to the same devices.
    Apps are now ready to send log information to the Google Play servers.
When you want to see the app feedback logs
  1. In the Devices view, select the devices whose app feedback you want to view and in the Device Actions bar, select More > App Feedback Update.
    The App Feedback Update device action instructs devices to upload a report that details any changes in app status on the device to Google Play servers.
    Tip: Use the Application Feedback Enabled device property to find all applicable devices.
  2. If applicable, expand the warning message at the bottom of the App Feedback Update dialog box to see why some devices won't receive the instruction.
  3. Select App Feedback Update to trigger the action.
    Note: You can only perform this action three times within a 24-hour period per device. There may be a slight delay between when SOTI MobiControl initiates the App Feedback Update action and it receives the logs from device. To avoid exceeding the action limit, wait a few minutes before you run the action again.
  4. Return to the Manage Apps view and the app policy you created.
  5. Expand the app policy so you can see the included apps.
  6. With an application selected, click Retrieve App Feedback Logs in the Logs panel.


SOTI MobiControl will pull and display logs for the currently selected application. Logs will include the date and time of the event, its type (Information or Error), the device (and its user if applicable), as well as the log's key and message.