Deleting Packages from SOTI MobiControl

About this task

You can remove packages from SOTI MobiControl when they are no longer useful.

Note: This will only remove packages from the SOTI MobiControl console and database. Packages in Package Studio are unaffected.

To delete a package:


  1. In the Packages view, click on a package's name to open its Package Information panel and click the Delete button from the Package Actions list.
    You can also click > Delete beside the package.
  2. Choose a single version or all versions of the package from the dropdown list and click Delete.


The package is removed from SOTI MobiControl.

Note: Deleting a package in SOTI MobiControl does not remove the package from any devices it has been deployed to. Revoking the profile containing the package can remove it from devices if
  • During profile assignment, the Advanced > Package Options > Uninstall package contents upon profile revocation or deletion option was enabled
  • During package creation, the Do not uninstall the file option was not enabled

If either condition is false, you'll need to remove the files and applications from devices via the console or physically from the device.