Adding Devices

Devices are added to SOTI MobiControl using add devices rules. An add devices rule determines the behavior of your devices as they enroll into SOTI MobiControl. When you create an add devices rule, you can choose how your devices are organized into devices groups, devise an automatic naming scheme for easy device reference, and establish a link from the device to SOTI MobiControl through a device agent. Due to the dissimilar nature of the many device types and operating systems that SOTI MobiControl supports, SOTI MobiControl is divided into different Platforms and each platform manages support for a specific subset of device and operating system types. Add devices rules and their available settings differ across platforms. Refer to Enrolling Devices for specific information on each platform.

You can create multiple add devices rules to accommodate the diverse requirements of the devices and departments throughout your organization. However, add devices rules are platform specific, therefore you cannot create a single add devices rule that targets both Android and Apple devices, for example.