Deploying SOTI Hub to Devices Using Packages

About this task

Note: This procedure is only applicable to Android (4.1+) devices. While the SOTI Hub app is available on iOS devices, Apple's security restrictions prevent SOTI from providing an .ipa file outside of the Apple App Store. See Deploying SOTI Hub to Devices Using Application Catalog Rules for instructions on sending SOTI Surf to iOS devices.

To use a package to push the SOTI Hub app to your enrolled devices:


  1. Download the SOTI Hub .apk file from the SOTI Downloads page.
  2. Create a package that contains the SOTI Hub .apk file.
  3. Upload the package to SOTI MobiControl.
  4. Create a profile that includes the SOTI Hub package and push the profile down to your devices.
    Tip: Consider putting the SOTI Hub package in the same profile as the SOTI Hub profile configuration that configures it, for simplicity.

What to do next

Devices users cannot use SOTI Hub until the SOTI Hub profile configuration has been configured.