Activating SOTI MobiControl

About this task

The first time you access the SOTI MobiControl console, you will be prompted to activate SOTI MobiControl by providing a valid registration code. If you do not have a valid registration code, you can visit to sign up for 30-day trial registration code or contact your SOTI representative for a full registration code.

Note: If you want to activate an offline deployment of SOTI MobiControl, see Activating SOTI MobiControl Offline.

To activate SOTI MobiControl:


  1. Navigate to your SOTI MobiControl instance's console web address.
  2. Enter your registration code and click Next to activate SOTI MobiControl.


SOTI MobiControl is now activated and you can begin managing your devices.

Note: In the event that your activation fails, SOTI MobiControl has a 30 day grace period for activation before you are locked out of the software. The SOTI MobiControl console will prompt you for an activation code each time you log in.