Setting Up SOTI MobiControl

Each SOTI MobiControl installation consists of three components:
  • console
  • database
  • deployment server

The SOTI MobiControl console is the main interface for managing your devices. It communicates with the deployment server, exchanging information and pushing commands to devices.

The deployment server communicates with enrolled devices and sends device information to the database.

The database stores device information such as status, configurations, and data deployed to the device. If you have a Microsoft SQL Server that meets the requirements, you do not need to install a new version. Otherwise, the SOTI MobiControl installer includes a free Microsoft SQL Server 2014 R2 Express Edition for your use.

Deployment Options

SOTI MobiControl supports two types of deployments: cloud and on-premises. If you are planning a cloud deployment, contact SOTI Support to get started. Once you are set up, see Configuring Cloud Link for details on administering your cloud environment.

Both online and offline on-premises deployments are supported by SOTI MobiControl. However, setting up your offline deployments may require some additional assistance from SOTI Support.

Note: Before beginning the installation process, review the System Requirements to ensure your environment meets the requirements for a successful SOTI MobiControl deployment.

If you run into issues installing SOTI MobiControl, contact SOTI Support for help.