Applying Custom Data

About this task

To apply custom data items to your devices:


  1. Click a device name to open its Device Information panel.
  2. Switch to the Configurations tab and scroll down to the Advanced Configurations table.
  3. Beside Custom Data, click More > Edit to open the Custom Data Manager dialog box.
  4. If you have not already created custom data definitions, see Creating Custom Data Items for instructions.
  5. Move the custom data item(s) from the Available Items list to the Displayed Items list using the arrows.
  6. Click OK to apply your custom data to your devices.


The retrieved values for the custom data appear in the device's Device Information panel.

Note: You can also apply custom data items to whole device groups by following the same general steps. Open a Group Information panel and edit Custom Data in the Advanced Configurations table of the Configurations tab. You will need to modify the setting for each applicable device family present in a device group.