Unenrolling Devices

About this task

Unenrolled devices can be re-enrolled to SOTI MobiControl using a new add devices rule.

To unenroll devices from SOTI MobiControl management:


  1. Select the device(s) that you want to unenroll and click the Unenroll icon in the Device Actions menu bar.
    Click the More menu button to see the full device actions list.
  2. In the Unenroll dialog box, enable Attempt Revocation of Externally Issued Client Certificates if applicable.
  3. If applicable, click the warning message at the bottom of the dialog box to see which of the selected devices cannot be unenrolled and why.
  4. Click Unenroll.


Your device is no longer managed by SOTI MobiControl and will lose any device configuration settings that were applied through SOTI MobiControl.