Restarting the Management Server

About this task

SOTI Connect provides you with a utility tool to easily restart the Management Server if needed. This is typically necessary when a new Device Type Definition (DTD) file is uploaded to SOTI Connect. You will be asked to restart the Management Server for the changes to take effect.

Note: This action can be performed with active users in the system. Users will only notice a slight delay in the SOTI Connect user interface.

To restart the Management Server:


  1. Navigate to SOTI\Connect\Soti.Iot.Watchdog.
  2. Right click Soti.Iot.Watchdog.exe and click Run as Administrator.
    The Watchdog window opens.
  3. Select the SOTICONNECTMS service name and click Stop. Wait for Status to change to Stopped.
  4. Click Start.


The service is restarted.