Assist Care Group slashes over 90% of tech support costs and saves £15,000 a year with the SOTI ONE Platform

Assist Care Group uses the SOTI ONE Platform to manage mobile devices across the business to deliver high quality, in-home care to its clients, and reduces downtime in critical situations where the health and safety of patients and staff is paramount

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – February 18, 2020 – A leading supplier of care services in Southern England, Assist Care Group has realized significant efficiencies and cost savings in its business operations using the SOTI ONE Platform. In a highly regulated industry where patient safety remains a top priority, the innovative mobility and IoT management platform is enabling staff to be more agile and secure when documenting care visits and logging or updating critical patient information.

Moving away from manual processes, embracing business-critical mobility
In 2016, Assist Care Group converted all of its manual documentation to digital processes, as its paper-based records were often outdated and critical information could not be communicated to staff when it mattered most. With staff using their mobile devices to document care visits, Assist Care Group desperately needed a robust and intuitive solution to streamline staff communication. The organization was also cognizant about device security and understood the importance of keeping patient data secure.

Reducing downtime, improving efficiency and productivity
Assist Care Group was introduced to the industry-leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution SOTI MobiControl, by the Frontier Group to manage its mobile devices and reduce downtime. SOTI MobiControl offered a comprehensive list of features in one package, such as Kiosk Mode functionality. This unique solution empowers Assist Care Group to lockdown devices to only the apps that are necessary for staff to perform their roles, improving both efficiency and productivity.

In 2018, Assist Care Group upgraded 140 devices in the field and in its offices, which all run Android OS. Using SOTI’s remote control feature, Assist Care Group staff in the field can overcome technical and user issues with speed and ease, reducing downtime in situations where the health and safety of patients is critical.

Another SOTI MobiControl feature that Assist Care Group uses to improve its staff efficiency and critical response time, is the location tracking tool which the team uses to locate staff who are nearest to an emergency and direct them to exactly where the emergency is.

Cutting technical support costs by over 90%, saving £15,000 a year
By leveraging SOTI MobiControl, Assist Care Group has improved the efficiency of the company’s administrator team, who no longer needs to re-allocate care to patients, saving £15,000 a year. SOTI MobiControl frees up highly skilled team members to focus on more important tasks that are essential for daily operations, while consistently delivering top quality care to patients.

“SOTI MobiControl has brought us peace of mind,” said Tim Wilson, Managing Director of Assist Care Group. “SOTI delivers an integrated platform that manages our organization’s entire mobile fleet. We highly depend on this solution as it provides a great amount of control and built-in data safeguards on all our devices. SOTI MobiControl has saved us considerable time and effort by allowing our IT team to better manage our company’s mobility initiatives and delivers incredible ROI.”

SOTI MobiControl provides Assist Care Group with complete visibility of its mobile operations while remotely supporting staff in the field so they are no longer required to spend hours on the phone or be forced to leave the field in order to fix their device.

For more information on how Assist Care Group manages and secures its devices in real-time and resolves technical issues faster and more efficiently using SOTI MobiControl, read their latest case study.

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