Which Mobile OS is in your Future?

Which Mobile OS is in your Future?

Tuesday, April 10th 2018 was an important date for many companies. It was the final end-of-support date (EOS) for Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 — the next Windows Embedded operating system (OS) reaching EOS. Companies that depend on rugged mobile devices running Windows Embedded operating systems need to consider their next steps to support their Business Critical Mobility programs. There are a few options available to these companies.


  1. Continue to use their existing rugged devices and the deprecated Windows CE 6.0 operating system. Some device OEMs have announced their intention to continue to support the OS, but for how long and what form will this support take.
  2. “Sidegrade” to other versions of Microsoft Windows Embedded such as  Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Windows Embedded Compact 2013. This is a relatively painless alternative, but it only kicks the can down the road a bit, as these OS’s are also reaching their EOS dates within the next few years.
  3. Update your mobility strategy and migrate to more modern hardware and an operating system such as Google Android, Apple iOS or Linux. This option is the most work, but likely offers the most reward in the long-term.

There are plenty of other reasons to update a mobility strategy. Common reasons include a need for increased security and compliance, or a desire for new apps, operating system features or hardware capabilities. Whatever their motivation, when a company decides to update their mobility strategy and deploy new hardware they need to understand all of the available options. Unfortunately, the first hurdle for many is “they don’t know what they don’t know.”


This is where SOTI can help. We may not be experts in your field, but SOTI does have over two decades of experience securing and managing mobile devices and their operating systems. SOTI’s strong relationships with over 150 hardware OEMs and the leading operating system companies has created unequalled mobile technology expertise. Expertise that can give companies an idea of what they don’t know and help them to a make a decision.


SOTI’s ebook — Picking a Winner: Which mobile operating systems are best for you company?  — delivers readers a quick perspective on mobility and mobile operating systems past, present and future. It advises “5 things to consider when updating your mobility strategy,” provides a framework to assess the different OS options and offers guidance about where and when each OS is the best fit.


The ebook will help people on their path to education and enlightenment so that they can make the best decision for the company. Whatever the decision is - whatever devices, form factor, and operating systems — SOTI can support it now and will continue to do so as long as you require.  


Ebook: Picking a Winner: Which mobile operating systems are best for your company? 

Updating your business mobility strategy and picking new mobile devices / operating system can be difficult. Read this ebook and begin to know what you don’t know. Let SOTI make your mobile OS decision easier. 

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