An Inside Look into Partner and Training Day @ SOTI SYNC 17

An Inside Look into Partner and Training Day @ SOTI SYNC 17

We are excited to announce that today; SOTI SYNC has kicked-off at the Scotiabank Centre in Niagara Falls, Canada. Between the keynotes, sneak peaks, roadmaps and best practices, the buzz continues to build.

Partner Day 2017

This year, we started with key SOTI leaders discussing what technology are required to build the next generation of business. We opened the day with inspiring words from our VP of Marketing, Sonya Verheyden. Following the opening speeches, we had many sessions targeted to our partners.

Highlights of the day included:

- State of the Nation! What the heck has SOTI been up to?

- Why collaboration matters and what SOTI is doing about It

- Marketing tools, programs that drive results

- Sneak peek of the SOTI ONE platform



SOTI also announced our top channel performers from across the globe.

  • Global Partner of the Year – Lowry Solutions
  • Value Added Reseller of the Year for Americas – QSG
  • Value Added Reseller of the Year for EMEA – Zetes
  • Value Added Reseller of the Year for APAC – Soliton Systems K.K.
  • Value Added Reseller of the Year for Emerging Markets – Ntegras
  • Rising Star of the Year – Digital Dimensions
  • OEM Partner of the Year – Panasonic
  • Cloud Partner of the Year – Barcoding Inc
  • Marketing in Motion Award – Emkat Inc
  • Market Maker Award – Data Select
  • Application Development Partner of the Year – Coppernic


Training Day 2017

Training day at SYNC gave our attendees a full day of hands-on training. Trainees gained the knowledge to unleash disruption, and to challenge the “business as usual” approach within their business – Boot camp or deep dives, we had our attendees covered!

Attendees chose from 13 advanced training sessions tailored to their needs. These sessions included platforms such as Android Enterprise, Android +, Windows, iOS, and SOTI MobiControl. The hands-on sessions delivered in-depth training, focused on ensuring attendees walked away as  mobility platform experts. Trainees left with an understanding of industry best practices, and how to increase mobile adoption within their workplace.

Partner Appreciation Reception

SOTI also opened up the event with our Partner Reception, featuring networking opportunities for attendees to mix and mingle together after a full day of busy activities, Connecting with new anf familiar faces from across the globe made for an enjoyable evening!




Beyond the Sessions

This year, SOTI had the privilege of introducing our customers and partners to one of the world’s most beautiful natural attractions, Niagara Falls. Not just form, but function, Niagara Falls are one of the world’s greatest sources of hydroelectric power. Today’s training and speaking sessions have ended, but fun has just begun. SOTI SYNC’s opening reception helps build our partner community and gives everyone a chance to share experiences, extend possible relationships and create business opportunities for their organizations.

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