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IMPORTANT: You will only be able to use the latest version of the software if you are within the free upgrade period of your registration. If you are not sure if you are eligible for a free upgrade please contact us at You can also download older versions of the software from the links provided below. 


The downloadable Full Setup programs listed above includes support for all Pocket PC devices and most other Windows CE based devices. It includes both the desktop software and the device side software for most Windows CE based devices. If your particular platform is not supported by the "Full Setup" package you may want to look at the "Non-Standard Platforms" section listed below.

Other Non-Standard Platforms:
The following CAB files are not included in the Pocket Controller-Enterprise Full Setup downloads listed above. They allow Pocket Controller-Enterprise V5.06 to be used with devices using specific Windows CE platforms and processors: 


Windows CE .NET Geode/486         NET_X86_506E.CAB    
Windows CE .NET XScale         NET_XS_506E.CAB  
Pocket PC 2003 XScale         PPC2K3_XS_506E.CAB  
Handheld PC 2002 SH4         HPC2K_SH4_506E.CAB    

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