Locating Devices Indoors


Note: This topic describes how to use the Indoor Location feature. For instructions on using Outdoor Location services, see here.

The Indoor Location feature uses WiFi positioning to show you where your devices are within a specified location and where they have been over a given period. You can also create Signal Policies to execute custom actions based on the location or movement of your device.

Use Indoor Location to:

  • Visually locate managed and unmanaged devices on an indoor map
  • View historical travel patterns
  • Configure indoor geofences and exclusion zones
  • Set up automatic actions and notifications based on devices entering and leaving indoor zones (Signal Policies)
  • Create custom indoor maps using SOTI Design Studio
Locations screen showing groups panel, search bar, charts section and Locations table


  • Premium Plus or Enterprise Plus License
  • Cloud Link Agent (CLA), 4.1.0+, installed on a server with network access to the CMX API.
  • The user setting up the CLA must have SOTI Identity and access to the machine the CLA is installed on
  • Cisco WiFi network infrastructure running Cisco CMX
  • SOTI MC 15.6 (Cloud) or higher
Note: Indoor Location is only available for cloud-based implementations.

Before using Indoor Location for the first time, you need to add a data provider.