Viewing Exclusion Zones

This procedure shows how to view exclusion zones on an indoor location map.


  1. Open an indoor location map. See here for instructions.
  2. On the map properties card, click Geofence button. Note that you can also view exclusion zones along with devices from the map view.
  3. On the Exclusion Zones dropdown menu, select the exclusion zones you want to view. Exclusion zones are displayed on the map and are denoted by red, dashed borders. By default, all exclusion zones are shown.
    Indoor location map showing five geofences and two exclusion zones. The Geofence button is highlighted.
  4. To view selected exclusion zones, open the Exclusion Zones dropdown menu and click the checkbox beside the ones you want to have displayed on the map. An indoor location map showing a single exclusion zone selected on the map properties panel and a single color-shaded area on the map.
  5. Use the Location dropdown menu on the top panel of the map to view exclusion zones from different locations.